What is express check out?
With express check out, orders can be placed without repeatedly entering your payment card details.

You'll still need to enter your billing information to place your first order on FastTech. For your next orders, only the card CVV number is required to place orders. The CVV number is required for security purposes.

Is my card information secure?

For your protection, FastTech does not store any card and billing information.

FastTech uses a security practice known as payment tokenization. When you order for the first time, billing information is sent directly to the network for verification, and is immediately discarded by FastTech. If approved, your issuer issues an unique token code that is securely stored in your account to facilitate express checkout. Note that this token code is a randomly generated arbitrary string and it does not represent your account or card number in any way.

This token code is invalid to 3rd parties as banks enforce their use by FastTech only. In the most unlikely event where a third party obtains access to the token code, banks simply won't honor them.

For added peace of mind, customers may delete express check out information at anytime.
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