What does each stock status mean?
Timely shipping is the number one priority for us. Here is what stock status means:

Ships today: orders leave our doors within 12 hours
Ships next day: orders leave our doors before the next business day ends
In stock: orders leave our doors within 3 business days
Back ordered: specific shipping time is estimated and displayed on product pages, when available
Custom Made-to-Order: the product can be ordered just like all other products, but is made-to-order and as such may require as much as 30 days to manufacture and ship. If you need a better shipping time estimation, please get in touch with us and we will provide the actual time required for that product.

Ships in X business days: usually displayed on customized products that cannot be shipped right away but can be shipped in "X" number of days.

Please note that FastTech operates in Hong Kong Time, GMT+8. Additional processing time may be needed when you order the same product in large quantities.