What does each product package type mean?
Product types seen on FastTech product pages:
  • Plain: product manufacturers do not provide any outer packaging. This saves production and shipping costs so you can enjoy low prices. For protection of the product, FastTech adds a protective sleeve when necessary.
  • OEM: typically associated with electronic components, such as crystals, resistors and capacitors. These products are sold for their functions rather than presentation, so they do not commonly require manufacturer packaging.
  • Value-pack: these products are so small that, if sold individually, their outer packaging would cost significantly more than the items themselves. As such, these products are sold in large quantities per order for maximum value (i.e. "sold in bulk"). Because they are small individual items put together by FastTech in large quantities, they typically do not come with retail packaging.

  • Assorted: similar to value-packs but in lesser quantities per order, these products are shipped in multiples. Unlike value-packs, individual items in assorted products may slightly vary. For example, there could be mixed colors, mixed sizes, etc. The exact differences are presented on the product page.
  • Retail: products ship with manufacturer's original packaging. This is the most appropriate for gift and resell purposes.