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How to obtain and use Bitcoin for payment?

Bitcoin is secure money in the internet. You don't need to open an account and you can pay without disclosing sensitive financial information. You are in total control of the information you are willing to reveal. 

First and foremost, you are required to have a bitcoin wallet which is an app that allows you to use, hold and collect bitcoin. There are two major ways to have a wallet which are True wallets and Bitcoin Account Service.

Users can control the keys to their own bitcoin in True Wallets. The wallet software uses a secret key, like a password to send bitcoin. The new owner's wallet software will then store the new secret key. The recommened one would be CoinPayments Wallet. There are other choices such as Bitcoin Core, Breadwallet, Mycelium.

Bitcoin Account service manages a bitcoin wallet on behalf of users, like a bank manages a customer's funds, such as BitX, Circle, Coinbase. It can be used as bitcoin wallet but users should take note that many of these institutions do not hold responsibilities for consumers from the loss of deposits via theft, fraud, or bankruptcy. It is also not unusual that the account services delay in sending bitcoin, which can decrease the speed purchase and cause unnecessary hassle for users. So, users have to understand the risks of using different kinds of Wallets.

To know more, please take a look at  Bitcoin Wallet Comparison, where an updated list of options is being kept. 

CoinPayments is an open-source wallet which is an exceptional choice to pay at FastTech because it reinforces major improvement security in bitcoin and straightforward to use.

Secondly, once you've opened your wallet, you'll need to purchase some bitcoin.

Bitcoin exchanges are available around the world, so user can convert any currency into and out of bitcoin. The procedure varies among countries, so you are strongly advised to do some research in advance of undergoing an exchange.

For US residents:
The Bitpay app allows purchase of Bitcoin using credit cards as it has a seamless integration with Glidera

For all other customers:
Localbitcoin.com allows purchase of Bitcoin suing credit cards, PayPal, and local bank transfers.


Thirdly, making a bitcoin payment is rapid, user-friendly, and users are extremely well protected.

You can make the payment without inserting any sensitive card information. Instead, you will only be required to send payment from your wallet app using one of the two ways below:

Getting Help

CoinPayments is a payment processing platform made for helping merchants like FastTech to accept bit coin. You can find out more information at the CoinPayments Help Center, where it is possible to contact CoinPayments' support team if you have any enquires.