What is the special requests box for?
Available for some customers during checkout, the special requests box is optional and allows you to enter an instruction or request, which a staff member will read and process shortly after your order is received. This service is particularly convenient if you need something done before your order is shipped.

The special requests box is a convenience feature and is only intended for short and quick requests, those that can be processed quickly by staffs.

To keep processing prompt and robust for all customers, messages are limited to 100 characters, and must be made in English. If your request does not fit within this limit, you may place your order, put your order on hold from within your FastTech account, and open a support ticket.

How much does this service cost?

The special requests service is currently free of charge.

Please note that depending on the nature of your request, we may need extra time to process your order (thus delaying the shipping date). If we require clarification or further communication from you, extra time will be needed for the resulting e-mail correspondence.

Type of requests accepted:
  • Special shipping, and labeling instructions, such as requesting special customs declarations and combining orders (only if the other order hasn't shipped before a staff works on your request).
  • Adding replacement parts from a previous support ticket.
    e.g. please include the spare charger as promised from ticket #Q12345678 in this order.

Types of requests NOT accepted by the special request box:
  • Requests to alter shipping time (customers may instead cancel orders at anytime online).
     e.g. please ship this order by next Monday, or please ship this order tonight.
  • Requests to alter delivery time (shipping carrier time is not within our control).
     e.g. please make sure this order delivers by this Friday.
  • Requests that takes too much time to process, and/or, are beyond our reasonable scope of service.
     e.g. please test my particular battery and make sure it has 2200mAh before shipping.
  • Requests to alter ordered products.
     e.g. please ship only the charger included this kit and refund me for the rest of the kit
     e.g. please include a spare charger in this order and send me a payment link
If you need any of the above be done, please place your order, put the order on hold and create a support ticket to state your requests. We will do our best to accommodate.

What happens if an instruction cannot be processed?

In that case we will contact you. You can normally choose from canceling your order for a full refund, or to have your order shipped as placed, ignoring the special requests.