What happens if my package is lost?
Online tracking shows package as "lost"

Let us know and FastTech will send replacements immediately.

Online tracking stopped updating for a few days (or up to 2 weeks)

If you have selected USPS first-class or registered airmail, it is common for online tracking to stop updating when your packages make their way from State to State, or from Province to Province.

Call your local post office and give them your tracking number and they should be able to tell you more. Here are some of the common phones numbers:
  • Canada (Canada Post): 1-888-550-6333
  • United States (USPS): 1-800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777)
  • United Kingdom (Parcelforce): 08448 00 44 66

If you have selected SpeedPost Global Express, let us know immediately and we will get the issue resolved as quickly as we can.

Online tracking stopped updating for 2 weeks or more

Unfortunately the Universal Postal Union guidelines instructs that post offices worldwide to accept non-delivery complaints 30 days after shipping. Because of this, Hong Kong Post, USPS, Canada Post, Parcelforce, and your local postal system would not accept non-delivery inquiries within 30 days after packages are shipped.

After 30 days have passed, FastTech can immediately make official inquiries against your local postal system. If packages are confirmed lost, we send free replacements immediately.