What does restocking mean?
FastTech ships products and orders based on their factory's manufacturing and quality test schedules.

As soon as an order is placed, a scheduled ship date appears in your order. This shipping date matches FastTech's advertised stock status displayed on product pages at the time the order is placed. FastTech strives to ship all orders on or before this date.

Statistically, over 90% of all orders are shipped prior to the scheduled ship date.

Occasionally items may be unavailable to ship on the scheduled ship date. This is typically due to factories not meeting their production commitments. When this occurs, FastTech shows a restocking badge besides the affected product.

Restocking products typically take an extra 1 to 5 days to ship. The exact duration however, depends on the factory and the product itself. Please contact support and we'll be able to provide you with information specific to your order.

Automatic Split Shipment

FastTech displays an estimated shipping date in shopping cart and checkout, before orders are placed. When all other items in your orders are ready to ship and that shipment is past the original estimated shipping date, FastTech automatically moves restocking items into a separate shipment (i.e. split shipment), so that you can quickly receive your order. This automatic shipment split process takes place every night Hong Kong Time, on business days.

If you're still concerned, the following options are available for you to take:
  1. Cancel the restocking item from within your FastTech account and get a refund.
  2. Contact support and a staff will investigate, explain the situation, and offer you an ETA whenever possible.