Do you do partial shipments?
Yes, and you can find all your split shipments listed within your original order. 

For most orders* over $20, split shipments are normally done automatically so that in-stock items are shipped without being held back by items that are back ordered.

For all other orders, split shipment requests can be made via a support ticket, extra shipping fees may apply in some cases, and service staffs will advise with in the support ticket.

We can also combine orders and shipments upon customer request, and we can send shipments within an order to different addresses. Let us know if you want us to split or combine your order.

* Except for express and e-express orders, including those that are shipped by the following shipping methods:
  • Speedpost Global Express (EMS)
  • DHL
  • e-Express to Australia
  • e-Express to Canada
  • e-Express to the UK
  • e-Express to France
  • e-Express to Russia